Friday, March 28, 2014

Free Facebook Timeline Covers for Spring

Example of a Facebook Timeline Cover

FREE Facebook Covers

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Spring and Easter Covers

These Facebook Covers are free for your personal use 
only AND may not be changed, revised, or re-distributed 
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My only request is that you leave a comment 
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Springtime Chicks Out for a Drive
The Buggy Bunny
Graphics based on my own '54 Aljoa camper
Jesus Lives!
Easter Tree

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Stool Makeover

The bar stools in my kitchen are 19 years old, still sturdy and in good condition.  Thank you, Target!

For years, our stools have had cushion covers.  However, the cushions started falling off because the elastic around the edge has deteriorated and no longer has any stretch.  It was definitely time for a change.

Dull Stool Cushion
Last week I found the perfect replacement bar chairs at the Tuesday Morning store.  To say I drooled over these upholstered chairs is an understatement.  

An image from Pinterest

The stools in the Pinterest pic above are the same style, but the ones I found were upholstered in brown leather or perhaps faux leather, which would be perfect for our cabin kitchen!  Then I looked at the price tags and realized that a $500+ investment in new bar stools is not in my immediate future.

Once back home, I put my thinking cap on.  When I caught sight of my Silhouette Cameo, an idea came to mind. 

I ♥ my Silhouette Cameo!

I went to the Silhouette online store and downloaded four different designs for our four bar stools.  Since we have a rustic cabin, I thought a Northwoods wildlife theme would be perfect!

My NEW old stools!
I am thinking about painting the legs a shade of brown to match the vinyl.  I'm undecided.  What do you think?

When I peeled the four animals off the adhesive vinyl sheets, a white silhouette appeared.  I'm not sure what I'm going to do with these remnants of my stool makeover, but my thinking cap is on.

Adhesive vinyl sheet after the moose was peeled off.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Maturity vs Goofy

Happy, Silly Me
on St. Pat's Day!

In my much younger days I wish I could have found the courage to wear a get-up like this for St. Paddy's Day.  There has always been a silly side of me that very few ever saw, mainly because I didn't want to look immature.  

By wearing that protective facade of maturity, all my many fears and insecurities were hidden.  If I acted silly or goofy, what would people think? Too many years were spent worrying over other people's opinions, which often kept me on the sidelines of good, clean fun.  So many times I remember desperately wanting to unleash my goofy side, but restraint usually won.

Through these past decades of aging I found discernment, and the freedom that comes with it. Note, however, that the jury is still out on maturity.  Still, what a delight to feel the freedom to accept and validate my silly side!  This new spontaneity keeps laughter alive all around me and that includes laughing at myself.

On this St. Patrick's Day I have confidence in giving free rein to the Irish lass lurking inside me!  If someone happens to think that is goofy or – gasp! – immature, then so be it.  It's their problem and not for me to worry about.  Oh, if only I had known as a young woman that it was perfectly okay to let loose and be silly.  

If you are reading this – young or old – my St. Patrick's Day wish is that you be free of the influences that may be keeping you from finding your authentic self.  Don't forget to embrace your silly side.  Find your joy.  Enjoy life!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Free St. Patrick's Day Facebook Covers

My newest FREE St. Patrick's Day Facebook Covers are now available for free download.  
Click here to see the five new FB covers compliments of Bucks Mountain Galleries. 

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